We asked Brandon Sprouse from local Toronto DJ duo Seize the Night to give us a list of his top 10 tracks of 2009. He is also the photographer behind SmilenPose.com so we figured we should get him to toss us his top 8 pictures of the year as well. Here is what he came up with.

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2009 was a great year for music. In the past year I’ve discovered a lot of new music, and therefore my list is very eclectic. However, no matter what genre these songs may be in, all of them had some sort of effect on me. Whether it be chills, a head-bob, jumping or fist-pumping; all of these tunes are worthy of being best of the year.

Hope you enjoy.

The 16th Hour – Deadmau5
Canadian producer/DJ extraordinaire Deadmau5 brings it home with his latest LP;
“For Lack of a Better Name”. This song gives me chills. Outstanding progression and atmosphere.

Lynchesque – Dusty Kid
Great progression and atmosphere in this one too. However, where as “The 16th Hour” is hauntingly beautiful, this tune gives you a dark unrelenting bass. Brought to you by one of the modern masters of techno; Dusty Kid.

Deep Inside – Kris Wadsworth
A sample heavy tech house groove. Will get your head bobbin’, and your feet tappin’.

Mystery Meat Affair – Zombie Nation (Shadow Dancer Remix)
A remix involving two of my personal choices for underrated producer of the year. Shadow Dancer took a apathetically dancey track, and turned it into a monster. Definitely good for getting some arms up, and feet bouncing.

Nott – Boys Noize
Ugh, I love this track in every way possible. “Oi Oi Oi” and his previous stuff (i.e. Kill the Kid, The Bomb, etc…) had been on nearly constant repeat since it’s release. With the release of “Death Suite” and “Power”, this magician of production has confirmed he’s here to stay.

Backlash – The Scarlet Harlots (Raffertie’s Bigger Bass Remake)
Underrated. Amazing. Bass heavy. Great sampling.

Cherry – Mustard Pimp
Great electro producers. A fun, poppy melody, great vocals, and great sounds.

Gasaida – Mansion
Hometown hero Violca is killin’ it with this song. With a great spacious production style, and the (angelic) voice of Cedric Gasaida; it’s a winner. Best non-international artist tune out of Toronto in 2009, hands down. That “non-international” thing is about to change though…Mansion recently was signed to Universal records. Look out for this woman; big things on the horizon.

Mirror Error – The Faint (Das Glow Remix)
One of the weirdest dance tunes I’ve heard…ever. So good though. Oldschool sounding synth, and wacky sampling. Ever since I heard this in the A-Trak/Erol Alkan mix of last year, I had been dying to get it. Don’t let the obscurity of this track turn you off; it’s a keeper.

P.Y.X. – G.L.O.V.E.S. (Strip Steve Remix)
Part of my favourite label this year, Boys Noize records; Strip Steve brings it home with this groovy remix. The guitar sample is catchy as fuck; I found myself humming it, longggggggg afterrrrrr.

[audio:DeadMau5 – The 16th Hour.mp3,Dusty Kid – Lynchesque.mp3,Kris Wadsworth – Deep Inside.mp3,Zombie Nation – Mystery Meat Affair (Shadow Dancer Remix).mp3,Boys Noize – Nott.mp3,The Scarlet Harlots – Backlash (Raffertie’s Bigger Bass Remake ft. Shiftee Moova).mp3,Mustard Pimp – Cherry feat. Kali.mp3,The Faint – Mirror Error (Das Glow Remix).mp3,G.L.O.V.E.S – P.Y.X. (Strip Steve Remix).mp3]

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