Torro Torro


Over the summer I have had the chance to hear this duo build their repertoire. With a massive collection of originals and bootlegs its finally time for them to let their sound out of the bag. Their remix of Barletta’s Panther is going to be included on the Salacious Sound Remix Competition EP that will be released on September 9th. With pounding synths, deep kicks, and big buildups, their production is ready to move the dancefloor. When one of their tracks was dropped by a friend over the summer @ The Social, the crowd erupted. It didn’t errupt because of familiarity, or because of prior knowledge of the sound. Instead people got into the track, wondered where it came from, what it was and who made. Next time they will know, its Torro Torro, and its one of the future sounds of Toronto.

DJs get ready for a couple essential remixes of essential tracks to get your dancefloors pumping.

[audio:Rye Rye Ft MIA – BANG (Torro Torro Remix).mp3,LA ROUX – Bulletproof (Torro Torro Remix).mp3,Esser – Work It Out (Torro Torro Remix).mp3,Crookers – Put Your Hands On Me Ft. Kardinal Offishal (Torro Torro Remix).mp3]

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