Remixes of Classics by Inner City and Guru Josh Project

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Aug 4, 2009

These tracks are really cool because they have a very classic sound – so classic that every time I play them out, though much of the audience probably hasn’t heard them, they still go crazy like they’re current chart toppers.  The vocals on the D.O.N.S. track are from an original track by Inner City, which you hear starting at the first breakdown, though the sample is slightly mashed and filtered.  The second – originally by a band with roots in the early 90s acid house scene – called the Guru Josh Project is my favorite remix of the track.  Not surprising from Klaas – the guy has a knack for picking awesome classic tracks and spinning them masterfully.  Some of his music does tend to sound similar, but the production quality is very high and the tracks are great.

Klaas Myspace | D.O.N.S. Myspace

[audio:D.O.N.S. – Big Fun (Dave Spoon Remix).mp3,Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008 (Klass Vocal Edit).mp3]

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