Calvin Harris and Conductive Paint: The Human Synthesizer

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Aug 11, 2009

Quite possibly one of the coolest things I’ve come across in a while. Calvin Harris’s Ready for the Weekend LIVE! In every possible way. He is playing live, the vocals are live, but most importantly the instruments are alive.

And you thought conductive paint was boring. Say hello to the Humanthesizer, a joint creation between electronic musician Calvin Harris, Sony Music UK, and Bare conductive body ink, which turned 15 bikini-clad ladies into a giant Arduino-powered synth capable of playing Harris’s track “Ready For The Weekend” though Max/MSP and Ableton Live. Each patch is triggered by one of the girls closing a circuit with her hands or feet — you can see the “wires” painted on their arms and legs if you look closely — and the final performance bounces right along in that blurry space between dancing and playing.


[audio:Calvin Harris – Ready for the Weekend (Fake Blood Remix).mp3,Calvin Harris – Ready for the Weekend (High Contrast Remix).mp3]

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