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Jul 1, 2009


This post is probably so premature, but so necessary. It will be short. There is an artist by the name of Cedric who many people in Toronto know who I can only hope will explode over the next year. The attached song features his vocals, and he is the killer voice on Mansion’s Gaseida (check it out on their MySpace, the track is on lockdown otherwise), which is going to be released through Universal Records. Understand that I am only posting this because I want a time stamp as the first person to predict his explosion in Toronto and Internationally. I am doing this long before he has even released a single, because I just want to be that dude who said, I knew this guy would be a big deal 2 years before he blow up.

😉 Cedric

– David

[audio:Azari and III – Hungry For the Power.mp3]

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