Three Simple Steps to Becoming a Hypemachine Hit-maker

When I think about it, there area lot of big names on Hypemachine that aren’t playing all over the world, some of them aren’t even playing outside of their bedrooms. I figured I would write a very short, relatively uncomprehensive guide on how to become a successful Hypmachine hit-maker. I really do love the idea that Hypemachine has allowed musicians to be heard who might otherwise go unnoticed.
(please take the following with a grain of salt, slight sarcasm, while understanding that the saddest fact about this article is that all of this will likely work)

1. Remix, Cover, Re-Create

Blogs love to post tracks by artists that are signed to labels, however, often we are unable to do so due to the number of take down requests we will get from these labels. Some artists are more blog friendly than others, if you are trying to figure out who you should remix check out the top artists on Hypemachine’s front page then remix one of their songs.

A few suggestions of artists to remix other than those who are at the top of the charts right now:
Simian Mobile Disco,
Animal Collective,
La Roux,
Little Boots,
Lykke Li,

These are just a few of the big ones who have released new material over the past year or so. Other options include remixes of classic songs that people might be looking for. With covers, I recommend slightly altering the original if you are playing with same medium, for example an acoustic cover of a an acoustic song keep it simple. For those acoustic musicians out there who are brave enough, try tackling complex electronic music.

Basically pick an artist, or song that everyone will be looking for the original of, eventually they will come to you because they see a remix with an artist whose name they recognize.

2. Tell the People Who Matter
SPAM SPAM SPAM. Send it out, give it to everyone, everywhere, and make sure to follow up with them. If you can find out who runs the blog via Facebook or MySpace and hassle them on their it will only increase your chances of getting exposure. People with personal relationships obviously have a greater chance of having their music featured since administrators of sites such as SalaciousSound receive hundreds of submissions not everything will get listened to. Remind these administrators, do it politely, but please don’t expect us to pump your track, praise it, and make it into the next big thing. Once your song is a part of the machine its your job to make the machine work for you.

3. Tell All of Your Friends You Are on HYPEMACHINE!!!

Oh My God, so you have made it onto the coolest thing you will ever be on in your entire life, HYPEMACHINE! The truth is there are millions of songs aggregated by that behemoth of an aggregator, and the likelihood that yours will get seen, heard and loved is really very low. With so many great musicians in the world and so many great blogs telling the world about them is it really any surprise that you might still go unnoticed once your song has “made the cut”.

Now is the time to promote it to all of your friends. Tell them how cool you are for being on Hypemachine and to go on and check your song out. Make sure they open an account and click the little love button beside your song. The more people who check out your song, the better chance you will have of making it onto the charts. Once you make it onto the charts, the more people that people will check out your song. Tell everyone to show some love and click the little heart beside the track.



Sorry to break it to you but becoming big on Hypemachine isn’t going to make your rich, it might make you famous, but what it will really do for you is encourage you to keep working harder, so you get better, faster, stronger. Prolific remixers and producers always benefit the most from the blogosphere. If you can crank out quality music on a weekly basis, blogs will start to love you and you won’t have to worry about seeing your name rise those charts.

Shout outs to two Hypemachine Hitmakers that everyone checking the charts SHOULD have heard about

Northern Star: Barletta
How many times have you seen this guy rocking it hard on hypem. We love him, other blogs love him. The dude has pumped blog classics on his own and as Mansion with his partner Violca. Look out for what he has in the works, this dude is taking it beyond the web!

Rising Star: John Roman
John hits us with tracks on such a regular basis that he is one of the few people actually keeping up with Barletta. Since we first posted his tracks a couple months ago he has become a regular here and everywhere. The dude is about to get a chance to shine in Toronto over the summer and based on the last few tracks he has sent me, don’t be surprised to see him headlining at popular venues across the city in the next year.

Anyway. Roman sent over a couple of tracks, which in part inspired this article. The dude remixed  J Dilla, which is an interesting and difficult task. He came out with something great. Dilla is still one of the few people who I would never recommend remixing because you will never be able to top his originals. However, if you are going to remix Dilla adding America by Allen Ginsberg is definitely one way to let the song become a blend of your inspirations rather than an attempt  to outdo the original artist. Peep Thong is what you expect from Roman, kind of. Its a party track, a little less bang and a bit more funk that your regular Roman track.

[audio:J. Dilla – Time The Donuts of the Heart (John Roman Remix).mp3,His Majesty Andrew – Peep Thong (John Roman Remix).mp3]

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