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May 5, 2009

I guess this whole blogging thing has been pretty cool so far. I’ve got to meet awesome artists, and be a part of some pretty cool events. As far as I am concerned this is one of those endeavors that has had many positive externalities.
Photography, videography, and journalism have always been interests of mine. As someone who didn’t end up going to school for any of the above, this experience has been refreshing. Although, with the focus of the site being primarily music I have other interests that I have not been able to adequately explore that I feel could be interesting contributions to the site.
As the city of Toronto develops into a more influential cultural hub, there are many different avenues to explore on a daily basis. When I moved to Toronto before my first year of university I often would spend days wandering the streets, exploring different neighborhoods, and eventually developing a feel for the city. I guess I would describe the streets, the people in them, and how they ended up forming the city as my entertainment.
The concept of the ‘flaneur’ was established a long time ago and is definitely more commonly understood in Europe. ‘A gentleman stroller of the streets’, with chance to observe in attempt to understand our urban environment, this is the new concept that I plan to explore. An open ended article that focuses on day to day interactions with the city and city life. This will include photography, interviews, and fashion. Pairing these articles and photo-journalswith music will hopefully get a lot of people interested in what’s going on in this diverse city. I will probably start posting articles of this nature next week.

Give me some feedback? What do you think of this idea? I know some people think its great, but others might have ideas that could help me out, let me hear them. Hopefully together we can make it an interesting journal of a summer in the city.

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