Barletta Drops a New EP. WOW!

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May 8, 2009


Often featured here on, Barletta is one of the most prolific remixers around right now. Constantly providing the listening public with free remixes and tracks, he is one of those artists that I feel produces for the joy of having others hear his music. With his most recent EP, Panther, Barletta brings you two original songs that are certainly going to make your system bump, jump and shake. This time, his tracks have been remixed. Both the Syntonics and Sonic 86 have come through with their own special treatments of these tracks. As Barletta continues to develop as a producer and DJ he has managed to build a loyal following while constantly expanding his musical horizons. As his style grows, morphs and ultimately remains malleable, expect nothing less than stellar production. If you read the site on the regular you know you have benefited from the many tracks he has sent our way so make sure to go support Barletta and cop the EP. 

With the release of this EP you will be able to check Barletta as he tours cross country. If you haven’t seen his electric performance before, beware. If you have, be prepared. SalaciousSound will be interviewing Barletta @ Wrongbar so make sure to show your love and support in the flesh!


[audio:Barletta – Panther EP Mix.mp3]

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