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So I’ve been giving Mustard Pimp a listen over the last week or so, and the more I listen the more I hear stuff I’m sure will be popular here in Toronto in the next year.  This is exactly the type of stuff that Steve Aoki was jamming at Nava a couple weeks ago when Monarch and I went out to the suburbs (a horrible, god forsaken place).

I don’t listen to much stuff like this, so I won’t be too critical or analytical, but I will say that I particularly like the Atari Teenage Riot remix, and the Motorhead remix.  You guys decide for yourself and let me know what you think!



Mustard Pimp’s Myspace

[audio:A1 Bassline – Bad Man Horror Theme (Mustard Pimp Remix).mp3,Atari Teenage Riot – Rage (Mustard Pimp Remix).mp3,Motorhead – Ace Of Spades (Mustard Pimp Remix).mp3,Mustard Pimp – Valium (Mustard Pimp Remix).mp3,Will Smith – Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Mustard Pimp Remix).mp3]

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