Disco House is slowly taking over the blogosphere. I have been claiming that the genre would make a come back this summer as people start to get tired of overdriven synths and “bangers”. If the rest of the world feels like me, they want something funky to dance too. While I still think Dubstep and some darker house will definitely become bigger at the same time, the deep dark sound is completely different than the Electro tip was the dominant genre played in clubs over the past little while. Everything had to be a banger, but now all I want is that funky, laidback house.

So here are a couple of tracks that I recently downloaded. While I had been predicting the shift for a while, its more apparent now that other blogs are also posting heaving on the disco.

Le Castle Vania’s track blows my mind and makes my body move. Miami Horror is at Social on Monday and they are this shit. The Jamie Foxx remix is tight, bring on the haterade y’all, I expect it. I don’t really know if one would classify the last track as Disco House, but its fun and funky and i like it. Killed two birds with one stone with this Hercules and Love Affair track dubbed by THE GOODFATHER OF HOUSE HIMSELF.

Genres are overrated, when I say Disco House, just give me something funky to dance to that makes me wish I was 20 years older and allows me to think of Paradise Garage and Larry Levan.

P.S. Disco will never die!

P.P.S. I am excited and hopeful for Acid House to infiltrate our dance clubs and sound systems soon

[audio:The Virgins – Rich Girls (Le Castle Vania Remix).mp3,Miami Horror – Don’t Be On With Her.mp3,Totally Michael – Winona (Miami Horror Remix).mp3,Ladyhawke – Back of the Van (ddpesh Remix).mp3,Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain – Blame It (FnDannyBoy FnDuB).mp3,Tesla Boy – Spirit Of The Night.mp3]

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