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Feb 15, 2009


Here’s some quick blog love for a guy named Ink who sent me some interesting remixes.  I really like what this guy has done with a couple of these tracks – especially dirt off your shoulder, breathe and stop, and jay-z and jane.  Everything is different, some of this is mash-up, some of it is true remix.  The guy has stuff ranging from a jazzy hip-hop, to rock, and dubby electro.  The tracks he sent me are all listenable and enjoyable, but two of them sound a little muffled – he has either not mastered them properly, or he’s downcoded them.  Verdict: these tracks are awesome, and I’m hoping he can send me better quality versions so that I can drop them in the set.  Sick tracks guy.


[audio:Ink – Dirt and Shoulders (Noize Squared Remix).mp3,Ink – Jay-Z and Jane.mp3,Ink – Sword of Kweli.mp3,Ink – Breathe and Stop (Jazzy RH Mix).mp3,Ink – Lil’ Flip in the Basement (Red Alert Mix).mp3,Ink – Self Made (Dubby Satisfaction Remix).mp3,Ink – Warren G (Take it Easy).mp3,Ink – Bojangles (Ink remix).mp3,Ink – Plan (Busta Rhymes).mp3]

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