Black Kids Didn’t Have to Teach Me, The Music Made Me

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Feb 4, 2009

The Black Kids’ “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You” has made waves over the past year and into 2009. It’s been reworked by the Twelves to feature Lil’ Wayne. Great tracks continue to get remixed and pop up once again when you least expected it. This song may not teach your boyfriend how to dance, but it has had me dancing to every version I hear. Today I bring you a compilation that includes Twelves track (the “default” remix over the past months), the original, and the 80Kidz remix that popped up more recently. I really like the live feel that it has and its definitely getting a lot of iPod Love. And why not drop in a couple bonus tracks while I’m at it, check out the Twelves Remix of Hurricane Jane… more importantly let me know what you think about 80Kidz remix of The Shoes “Knock Out” because I immediately marked it when it played on my iPod today

[audio:Black Kids – Not Gonna Teach Him (Live).mp3,Black Kids – Not Gonna Teach Him (80Kidz Remix).mp3,Black Kids feat Lil Wayne – Not Gonna Teach Him (The Twelves Kickmix).mp3,Black Kids – Hurricane Jane (The Twelves Remix).mp3,The Shoes – Knock Out (80Kidz Remix).mp3]

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