8 80Kidz Tracks and One Rabbit!

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Feb 11, 2009

(Rain or Shine)
One of my favorite Japanese exports (other than denim of course) are the 80Kidz. They keep remixing tracks that I love and give me reason to renew my relationship with many different songs. I figured it only makes sense for me to put the spotlight on this group of remixers who have done some very creative remixes and originals. I love the fact that their remixes aren’t predictable or formulaic. They vary their style and approach giving every song a unique feeling.

I love what they did with the Pirates of the Caribbean theme on He’s A Pirate. Their remix of The Shoes – Knock Out has been a favorite since I first heard it. Cold Dust Girl is on a completely different tip but is also my favorite out of this group of remixes (those of you who have been reading and listening will clearly understand why it tickles my fancy). The most interesting track is the piano version of Life Begins @ 80, it very clearly demonstrates the simplicity of melodies and riffs in electronic music due to the emphasis on compression, mixing, and layering to round out the sound.


[audio:80 Kidz – HE’S A PIRATE.mp3,80 Kidz – Life Begins At Eighty.mp3,80 Kidz – Life Begins At Eighty (Piano Version).mp3,80 Kidz – Disdrive(LapinRmx).mp3,The Shoes – Knock Out (80Kidz Remix).mp3,Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl (80Kidz remix).mp3,Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance (80kidz Remix).mp3,Black Kids – Not Gonna Teach Him (80Kidz Remix).mp3,Lapin – galaxie (80kidz danCE remixxx).mp3]

(thanks to http://toomanysebastians.blogspot.com for some of the tracks)

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