Track Leaked for The Alchemist’s Upcoming February Album Chemical Warfare

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Jan 21, 2009


For over a decade, the Beverly Hills have played home to one of hip hop’s most influential minds. With 5 studio albums and 4 highly successful mix-tapes, it’s safe to say that The Alchemist is no stranger to the producing game, and yet few casual listeners have heard of him, which is really a shame. Aside from his credits on tracks for popular artists like Fat Joe, Mobb Deep, Nas, Cypress Hill, and Lil Wayne, the Alchemist has released some of the best hip hop instrumentals I’ve ever heard. Let’s be honest here, hip-hop instrumentals aren’t really all that popular to listen to by themselves, and can often be very predictable and boring, but with over 60 unique tracks the Alchemist’s work offers an impressive range of tracks that’s surprisingly listenable. These beats hit hard and serve as a great reminder that catchy hip hop doesn’t need to rely on a pop hook or a heavy-handed dose of auto-tune.  I strongly recommend for any and all hip hop fans to give this guy a listen, and check out his new album Chemical Warfare dropping next month (February, 2009).

The track Key to the City is the leaked track, and the others are some old favorites.

[audio:The Alchemist – Key to the City.mp3,The Alchemist – The Grimy Way (Instrumental).mp3,The Alchemist – Block Value (Instrumental).mp3]

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