Lady Gaga, WHAT HAPPEND TO YOU (unreleased demo inside)



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Jan 26, 2009

Lady Gaga is without a doubt one of today’s pop princess. Her songs are a necessity to get teen girls moving, her lyrics are designed to be easy to remember, and every track is masterfully mastered. Yet the songs she has released have had a negligible impact on me as a listener. Yes I know the lyrics to Just Dance, but other than that there is only my ambivalence towards it. The song is alright, people enjoy it, but musically it does little for me or the world. This unreleased track sheds a whole new light on Ms. Gaga. It is still pop music, but it is the kind of pop you are proud to endorse. She manages to show that she has some chops. Sometimes I wonder how a lot of these top 40 chanteuses would have turned out if they were signed by a different label with a different producer, say maybe Marc Ronson. Would Love to hear some feedback on this one.

[audio:Lady Gaga – No Floods.mp3]

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