This Saturday, I woke up with a mean hangover, got the fuck up, and did a bit of charity.  Let me start by saying that I usually hate charity…i hate it.  Not because I dislike helping people in need or anything like that.  Its just that sometimes I find myself committing to these things, then several months go by, I completely forget, and all of a sudden, a day of charity madness ensues.  It just creeps up out of nowhere, and expects more of you than you think, especially after an epic night of boozing.

Unlike what I was expecting though, this weekend was painless and simple.  I got to sit back, watch models walk for 2 hours, and play the tunes that they strutted to, all in a very hung-over state.  ROCK THE RUNWAY was the name of the show, and it took place at the Bata Shoe Museum here in Toronto.  All proceeds raised from the show were donated to Warchild Canada. In short, Warchild helps prevent children in 3rd world countries from getting their arms chopped off and raped… not necessarily in that order. Later in the show, a group that I’ve been producing called the Weekend Warriors even did a performance, keeping the energy levels high.  In essence, I came out of this realizing that charity doesn’t suck as bad as I thought, at least not when it involves models and booze.

Should you find yourself scrambling to put together the sound for a charity fashion show in the near future, have no fear, the beats are right here:

[audio:Madonna – Into The Groove (Sidechains remix).mp3,Colby O_Donis ft. Akon – What You Got (Discotech remix).mp3,Kenna – Say Goodbye To Love.mp3,September vs Jake Reno – Fly For You.mp3,Vandalism – Smash Disco (Vandalism v8 mix).mp3,Weekend Warriors – Rainfall.mp3,Britney Spears – Womanizer (Mike Gonek Mix).mp3,Bodyrox ft. Luciana – What Planet You On.mp3]

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