Death By Disco Took Me To Heaven!!

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Nov 3, 2008

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Very little needs to be said about The Cobrasnake Death By Disco Party at Wrongbar, excpet for SICKKKKK party!!! This will be a quick review because there isn’t much else to say. Was suppose to go to Circa, line was ridiculous and the Dopplehertz guest list was a bust. So we trekked out to Wrongbar paid an expensive cover and didn’t look back. The party was more than worth it as Nasty Nav Killed it with some sexy house tracks til’ Pase rock dropped some amaizing reggae grooves which surprised those who knew them, and had everyone who didn’t moving regardless. Overall the night was a huge success, between meeting Nasty Nav and dancing into the morning this party made me forget I had originally set out for other pastures!

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