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Nov 11, 2018

A few weeks back I covered a new band by the name of ALLTHINGSMATA who garnered my attention. Today I am covering their epic new single “Fear” and it is another awesome song to add to their catalog. ALLTHINGSMATA was born in a crypt beneath St John’s Churchyard in Tower Bridge. The London based talent has been described musically as a ‘dark Prince’. Writer, producer and performer Luis Felber sneers at lazy comparisons but part of him doesn’t mind because he sees Prince as an inspiration, especially for his guitar playing. Watch the music video for “Fear” below and check out a quote from ALLTHINGSMATA as well.

“Fear touches on my daily lethargy  and the desire to let it go. I really enjoy playing this song live because it’s sexy . I’m very happy to have had such a great team on this video . I’ve always wanted to work with Lucy” – ALLTHINGSMATA

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