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Nov 6, 2013



I’ve always been a fan of Hollywood producer Whiiite’s visual aesthetic, and frankly his dedication to art as well as music deserves nothing but respect regardless of whether it’s graphically your scene or not. His latest EP, Nightmares, contains two tracks that I like very much.


Ol’ Black Magic is the perfect example of what producers should be doing with EDM-trap: keeping it creative. 200 Years on the other hand is to a tee what all the big room prog house producer will be playing out once that trend dies down (though I’ll admit, Whiiite’s perspective is a lot darker than most would dare). If you’re a DJ and you play in large spaces to several hundred people, this is an EP you’re going to want to download.


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SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | His Website (highly recommended)


//Ziad Ramley

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