Grandtheft – Give Me More/Mobbin [JEFF06] [EP Review]

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Sep 2, 2013



Long-time Salacious friend and fierce Canadian, Grantheft, sent his Jeffree’s release my way a few nights ago, and now that the long weekend is coming to a close I finally have time to give this release the love that it deserves.


Give Me More is the sort of timeless, soulful production that you could listen to five years from now and still be impressed by; the 808s are understated and (most importantly) not over-used, the vocals hit that undeniably passionate note, and the drop immediately gets you moving.


To be quite honest, I didn’t like Mobbin at first. Partly because I’d immediately skipped to the 0:34 second mark so I didn’t “get” the track, but mostly because I’d just taken a nap and it was the first track that I listened to after waking up. The intro is very necessary, and ties things in quite nicely in my opinion. If you like bass music, you’ll love this track.


PS. For those of you living in Vancouver, Grandtheft is playing a show at Celebrities with Sound Remedy on Sept. 11th. Info here.


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