Fur Trade – Voyager (Sleepy Tom & Krusha Remix)

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Jul 2, 2013


Okay guys, it’s science-learning time. When you listen to or produce a track, you can think of it as being divided into distinct frequency bands. Yes, you’ve got your highs, mids, and lows, but those split into smaller segments, each with unique characteristics (for example, the 1000Hz band is perceived louder than the others). This new remix by Vancouver acts Sleepy Tom and Krusha has something that so many tracks out there lack: optimum fullness. I could go on all day about the perfectly EQ’d percussion is, how lively the synths are, etc, but to me this completeness of the spectrum is the most impressive characteristic.


Anyway, you can (and should) buy this official remix for Fur Trade on iTunes.

 Sleepy Tom | Krusha


//Ziad Ramley

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