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Apr 20, 2013

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Joining us all the way from Bondi for a very special Salacious Sound Podcast are Australian duo, Yolanda Be Cool. The tracklist features an engaging mix of current club house along with Yolanda Be Cool’s own unique take on the genre. Just try and tell me you’ve heard tracks as out-there as A Baru In New York from other artists of this high a caliber. You can’t, and I love them for it.



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1. Music Is Magic Silverstar (DCUP Remix)
2. Tom Toms NAPT
3. Dance For Me Gina Turner and John Roman
4. Feather Fight Justin Martin and Eats Everything
5. Danger Zone Malente and Breakfast Club (A.N.D.Y Remix)
6. Wekesa Alex Kenji (DJ PP Remix)
7. A Baru In New York Yolanda Be Cool feat Gurrumul
8. Sweat Naked Yolanda Be Cool
9. MYB Oliver

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