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Nov 7, 2012


Mustard Pimp at EZoo, NYC in 2012.


Salacious Sound caught up with Baron (of Mustard Pimp fame) following his set at the Electric Zoo in October. Baron has been touring alone for most of the year because his production half, eKa, is still living in Korea. Promotion for their previous album, No Title or Purpose, included the infamous “ZHM” video that was banned from YouTube and strangely animated “Money Shot”. At the moment, Baron is planning to follow up No Title or Purpose with another album, but says he keeps getting distracted.


“I am still working on tracks,” says Baron. “We have been listening to a lot of metal music and are still at the demo stage and don’t have any voice [on it] or anything.” Baron explains:  “I don’t think we make commercial music or we would be more famous. We make music that we like… it is fun to see reactions sometimes. Some people like it. Some people hate it. If people go back to the video, that is a good thing. The worst thing is people listening to your music or watching your video and not saying anything. It means they don’t care.” The album includes themes that Baron describes as “everything that is offensive – we thought of Freemasons, Illuminati and Satanism.”


So what is stopping the next Mustard Pimp album? Apparently, a video game addiction.


“I collect old video game systems like NeoGeo, Genesis and Dreamcast,” he explains. His favourite games include Katamari, the Metal Slug series and WindJammers. “I’m into Sega, but Sega is dead. I find Nintendo is too casual. Even Zelda is not as good as it used to be. In general games are easier now than in the past,” he says. Baron says he particularly loves weird, adventure games and has a friend in Japan who is able to get games for him when the price is right. “Ebay is really expensive so it’s not very good,” he says laughing. Baron says MetalSlug 3 is his most prized possession (currently on Ebay for $770). Ouch! “I got a GameBoy, I think I was six then I got the NES and Super Nintendo. I never got the NeoGeo when I was a kid because it was too expensive,” he admits. “That’s why I have it now, I got my revenge. “


So there you have it. A little update on Mustard Pimp and a shocking (but legitimate) reason for the delays – who would have guessed?






PS. Mustard Pimp’s latest track, “Dirty Knees” can be found online HERE.

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