Mr. Mongoose’s Fantastic Weekend EP ft. Brown, 501, Figure, Doctor P, Gammon, Dillon Francis, Funtcase

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Jun 17, 2012

When I heard that some of my favorite artists were getting together to do a Moombahton record I was ecstatic. The first sample we heard was “music is dead” by Dillon Francis and Doctor P. It sounded like a brand new type of Moombahton. Gone was the latin vibe most associate with the fairly young genre. What was replaced were more Bass, more synth melodies, and a lot of wobbles. This intrigued me. I love when artist venture out of genre confines and try something new. This is what could essentially push moombahton further into popularity.


Music is Dead- Doctor P & Dillon Francis

This is a song that I feel will be the standout track on the EP for most people. The opening is a simple drum beat accompanied by a synth arrangement that is catchy as it is basic. After a brief dialogue, the song transitions in to what could be one of the best moombahton bangers ever created. On first listen you might think all you’re hearing is noise. But give it a few listens and you’ll start dissecting each sound. There are a lot of wobbles that sound like Donald Duck speaking. It may seem goofy but I enjoyed it. There are two melodies playing on this track, each working well with one another. The vocal snippets here and there are funny, but it doesn’t turn the song into a joke. You’ll hear ‘Get the Fuck Down’ quite a few times before the end of the song, but trust me you will be.


Voodew- Funtcase

Sometimes simple things are great. That’s the case with this track. It starts off with an angry man screaming into the mic. It brings this song a unique feel. The vocals are chopped up throughout the song and spread over one of the most infectious Moombahton beats I’ve ever heard. Funtcase delivers listeners an awesome track that will have you hitting repeat.


What Do You Need?- Figure

Figure is a standout figure in both Drumstep and Dubstep. As far as I know this is his first Moombahton song. If it is indeed his first forte into this genre than he is on the right path. It’s not a great track by any means but if this was played live it would get the job done. I feel that the song is lacking character. If Figure would have incorporated his signature sound than this track would have been amazing. Its a good song, but there could have been greater results.


Grindhouse- 501

501 brings his style of gritty bass and melodic synths to the genre. The result is awesome, I really like his style and it shines here. Incorporating a full drop into this song makes it stand out from the rest. The drum pattern during the drop switches from a steady beat to a broken beat. This is a little detail is what makes this song standout from the rest.


How I feel- Brown & Gammon

Easily the mellowest song on the EP, Brown & Gammon take their signature and turn it down 100 BPM. The result is a banger you could slow dance to with your love interest. A lot of fans in the EDM scene only want bangers, but that gets tiring after a while. This is a nice change of pace, its something I’ve been yearning for.


I hope more compilations like this are released soon. This EP offers some great bangers and a mellow track to end it. I loved every minute of this. I hope each artist expands on the sounds I heard here.

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