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Apr 18, 2012

This morning Feed Me jumped on his Facebook fan page to express frustration with what he describes as the ‘greatest game in the world’ – sticking to talking points and not revealing too much in return for magazine or online publicity.

His commentary on music publicity is interesting enough in and of itself, but for true fans of Feed Me it’s also a window in to his life, and revealing of his motivations for making great art.


‎’This is the greatest game in the world.’

I’ve almost stopped doing interviews because I’m achieving nothing. If you want to find something out about me, ask me personally. If it catches my eye, I’ll respond, but dragging through another interview that no one thought about for more than two minutes seems like treading very boring water. Not that they’ve all been that way; but it’s the trend.

A well known electronic music magazine recently wanted to do a few page spread about my production techniques. They sent me a list of preliminary questions; what plugins do I use for ‘dirty’ sounds, what makes a good ‘drop’, how much ‘filth is too much filth’? Who wrote this? I could play the system; give away minimal information in exchange for some printed coverage, but at this point, fuck it. The Mau5hax thing was great; I got to interface with talented people and enjoy making music. I learnt as well as got involved. I didn’t sit and have my mechanical techniques picked at while my actual motivation was ignored; we made decisions together.

I don’t mind the occasional production Q, but what happened to mystery in music and art? There’s YouTube tutorials for days now online. Look it up; these production conversations are redundant. The truth and effect comes in the sincerity and composition of the actual piece. If I read an interview with an artist of any type, what I want to know is the ‘why’ – not the ‘how’. Why as electronic artists are we constricted to being quizzed monotonously about our techniques, and not ever our motivation? The reason anything I made sounds the way it did is because I sat and worked out every single piece of it myself. Give every one of us the same tools, and see what we all end up with – it’s our differences in expression and decision making that makes us.

I’m doing this because I honestly don’t know what else I can do. Music and art for me is a necessary release, and once people picked up on what I was making I was thrown into it. I was a bottled up, angry teenager, and I was completely consumed by the satisfaction I’d found in this new idea of making my own music. It consumed my life and I found I loved what it brought to it, and now I’m on an endless journey to see where it takes me, and where I can take it. Because of it, my entire late teenage and adult life I’ve been travelling the world, from Spor to Feed Me, constantly humbled by the people I’ve met, things I’ve seen, extremes I’ve lived through – I’m nothing but overwhelmingly grateful, it’s almost too much.

Some of it has been physically and mentally tough, but so far I’ve never quit. It’s never left my mind that should I drop dead, there’s a million people who would kill to take my place. I don’t believe in luck necessarily; I carved this out myself, but I am honoured to have what I have. If you’re going to complain about your reality when you’re living another persons dream, then I think you need a massive reality check. No one’s forcing you. Music is magic; and I think as artists we have a duty to keep it that way, not dissolve it down into presets, complaints, one-upmanship and catering to the market. It’s not all pink candy-floss cloud rides, and I think it looks fake if you depict it that way, but it really could be a lot fucking worse.

I used to lie and listen to my favourite records and daydream about how they were thought up, get lost in the sounds. There was no one to ask or study, and the resulting domino effect of speculation led me to my own ideas. It’s always been the unknown that’s motivated me. Spor was what I fell in to, but Feed Me is my world, a projection of a piece of me, and a way of expressing whatever I feel like. I couldn’t have built what I have without you guys supporting me, but I’ll always be creating and writing it none the less. I love you all for letting me take it this far.

I don’t normally post my opinions on here, but I’ve never got anywhere by playing the game, and sometimes I just feel I need to 1) say thanks, and 2) say why. TLDR.


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