Watch Deadmau5′ full Toronto Meowingtons Hax Tour performance


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Feb 24, 2012

Edit: looks like the video I found was taken down, so here is the DVD trailer to get you salivating:

Back in November, Deadmau5 stopped through Toronto on his Meowingtons Hax Tour to put on one of the largest dance music events ever held in the city.

An official recording of the event is now available on DVD, released Monday via several outlets.

I have to say.. it is extremely difficult to capture the brilliance of a visual experience like this – the reason Daft Punk never released an official recording of their Alive Tour – but this is amazingly done. Some of the visuals’ brilliance may be lost, but the scale of the occasion has been captured very well.

Buy it in Canada | US

I don’t like to devote too much time to the truly ignorant on the site, but I want to respond to some negative comments Howard Stern made on his radio show a couple days ago about David “gwetta” and “dead mow five”.

I can look past him pretending, for dramatic effect, not to know who one of the biggest producer/DJs in the world is. That doesn’t make him any worse than Fox News.

And I don’t much care about him calling Deadmau5 fans who have put together their own Mau5 heads “retarded”. I’m sure our generation would think Jimmy Buffet fans are “retarded” too.

But it stinks when one of the most-listened-to personalities on the radio can’t be bothered to get informed even a little about their subject of mockery, or provide any interesting or critical analysis. Quips Stern “all he does is spin a record, he’s not playing anything”.

But I guess you don’t get to where he does by being an intelligent commentator; his analysis of modern DJs isn’t actually meant to analyze or critique – it’s just intentionally contentious bullshit meant to generate ratings with an increasingly irrelevant + aging demographic.

Joel actually did a great job with providing opportunities for improvisation in his Meowingtons Hax Tour – check out all the analog equipment he’s surrounded by. Unlike Stern, those who REALLY appreciate his music will realize the impressive and exciting live edits that he incorporated.

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