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Jan 8, 2010

I came up immersed in hip hop. I harboured, and still do, a strong bias against frivolous forms of rap music. For this reason I walked away from the genre, all together, almost a decade ago. In my experience, two Toronto MCs have been most dedicated to their cause, and would never imagine walking away. Ian Kamau and Mindbender.


Ian Kamau is a poet, a servant of the community, and sworn humanist. His words speak of personal struggle, systemic weaknesses, and of hope, vision, beauty. I submit “Love It Here.”


Mindbender has always been there. What can I say? He was there when I interned the Power Move Show with DJ X and Michie Mee, he was there when I was up in the spoken word scene.. Bender created a home for hungry MCs at the Hooch with More Or Les. Always putting out product, because the man can’t run out of words! I submit “Super Hero Music.”

– by Paul Revered (undeadisco.com)

[audio:Ian Kamau – Love it There.mp3,Mindbender – Superhero Music.mp3]

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