Felguk Refuses to Let Electro Die

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Oct 30, 2009


I embraced electro pretty hard a couple years ago and basically let it take over my listening for near 16 months.  Understandably I think, I’ve grown a bit tired of the genre, but I was at least a little excited when I heard this new track by Felguk.  I caught it on an all electro radio station, and I’ve listened to it several times since.  The first minute is a long DJ intro, and then the bass-synth picks up which sound inspired by both Justice and Deadmau5.  Good production on this track.  I followed up and found the second track, Buzz Me and it is pretty good too.  Will definitely have to look further in to this artist.

Felguk Myspace

[audio:Neelix – Disco Decay (Felguk Mix).mp3,Felguk – Buzz Me (Original Mix).mp3]

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