Music Videos Best Watched Stoned Series Part 2 of 10: Cypress Hill – Illusions (Remix)



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Sep 15, 2009

There are few albums that remind me of high school as much as Cypress Hill’s Temples of Boom does.  To be honest, a lot of this music hasn’t really held up with me over the years, but then a lot of stuff I listened to then hasn’t.  Illusions, however, is a classic track that I was happy to come back to in writing this series.  I relistened to their first four albums actually (I was never a big fan of Skull and Bones) and I can say that III was definitely their height.  IV has some great individual tracks like Prelude to a Come up or Tequila Sunrise, but as a coherent album III is very impressive where IV comes up short for me.  To be honest, I might even put Black Sunday ahead of IV if I really had to rate them just because of the lasting appeal of the singles on that album (I Wanna Get High, Hits From the Bong, Insane in the Membrane).

Hope you guys enjoy the video.  This was always my favorite version of Illusions – it’s not actually on III.. it was released on a remix album called Stash in 2002, though I’m positive I came across this remix originally in 2000.

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