Emma Lee Remix Competition Submissions #9 of 12

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Aug 23, 2009

emmalee remixcomp submissionsMany of you are thinking ‘finally – it’s about time!’ Well we feel that way too! Some of the submissions we received in our latest remix competition are absolutely brilliant, and I’m very happy to be sharing these with you today. The interpretations range over a broad span of genres, including reggae, house, and I have split the submissions up in to 12 separate posts so that you can navigate the tracks easily – you’ll find a link to the category view below that will allow you to access the rest of the posts.

In the coming week we hope to collect your feedback about the submissions and post a list of ours, and the label’s/Emma Lee’s favorites. Leave us a note!

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[audio:Emma Lee – Until We Meet Again (Recessive Trait’s SalaciousSound Remix).mp3,Emma Lee – Until We Meet Again (Rocko’s SalaciousSound Remix).mp3,Emma Lee – Until We Meet Again (Rodney Balai’s SalaciousSound Remix.mp3,Emma Lee – Until We meet again (Rokas Barkauskas SalaciousSound Remix).mp3]

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