Salacious Sunday Hip Hop Hits: Canadian Content

I woke up thismorning and one of the first things I listened to was some Rascalz, and realized that it was time I dropped an all Canadian hip hop post.  A lot of people became familiar with Canadian hip hop last year when Kardinal Offishall released a single called Dangerous.  It was a bit of a guilty pleasure liking that song, but I will say that it is not particularly representative of Canadian hip hop or even where Kardinall came from.  I’ve included a big cross section of music, almost all of which is from Toronto or Vancouver.  There is some stuff that I was thinking of including, such as ‘Priceless’ by the Rascalz (lyrically one of my favorite songs of all time), but Top of the World is a little more accessible.  Let’s Ride is an absolute classic track that anybody can get in to, and the remix of Heaven Only Knows is just a small sample of the awesome music that K-OS has made (he just released a stellar new album!)

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[audio:Baby Blue Sound Crew – Love Em’ All.mp3,Choclair – Let’s Ride.mp3,Citizen Kane – Raisin’ Kane.mp3,Classified – Anybody Listening.mp3,K-OS – Heaven Only Knows Remix.mp3,Kardinal Offishall – Bakardi Slang.mp3,Rascalz Feat. Choclair Checkmate Thrust and Kardinal Offishall – Northern Touch.mp3,Rascalz – Top Of The World.mp3,Sweatshop Union – The Thing About It.mp3]

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