My Evolution, Saadiq’s 100 Yard Dash

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Jan 28, 2009

Readers who have been with us since the beginning may have noticed that the breadth of music we post has increased. While the site continues to predominantly deal with Electronic music and House, I listen to a lot more and feel compelled to share it. Readers should expect more Hip Hop, R&B etc from me, mostly because I love the music and want to share it. Since I have recently converted my netvibes page into a music, music news, and music blog compiler I am listening to a much wider variety of music. Every couple of hours I check the page to find numerous songs, reviews, and videos. Today I came across this track by Raphael Saadiq who has been one of my favorite musicians for a while. Long before I was even listening to House music Toni Tony Tone was a favorite CD to take from my fathers collection. His latest track is entitled 100 Yard Dash and is an awesome listen all the way through. Considering I just wrote an assignment on Motown’s history and criticized their recent roster of talent, Saadiq’s 100 Yard Dash restores my faith in a music industry that at times seems hell bent on destroying itself. The track comes from his album The Way I See It.

[audio:Raphael Saadiq – 100 Yard Dash.mp3]

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