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Jan 26, 2009

As they manipulated synths and bass riffs to keep the crowd moving my only thought was, wow. Those of you who have been following SalaciousSound for a while might recall a few articles about the Live production and performance debate that centered around a discussion of Ableton Live’s effect on “Live Electronic Music”. Modeselektor used live production and sequencing to keep the crowd dancing on Thursday @ The Social. As they effected, looped, and mixed various tracks and sequences everyone could see that the people loving their set the most was the group themselves. They were playing the music they loved and it was up to the crowd to move with them, which they did. The music was deep and dark but maintained a funky edge and it didn’t feel the need to use distortion and glitches to create that mood. Behind them was a brilliant video show that only added intensity to the atmosphere. I will definitely go see these guys again if I ever get the chance.

Check out a couple of tracks from this prolific German group and let us know what you think.


[audio:Modeselektor – The White Flash (Feat. Thom Yorke).mp3,Modeselektor – Godspeed.mp3,Modeselektor – Black Block.mp3,Modeselektor – The Black Block (Byetone Remix).mp3,Modeselektor – The White Flash (Feat. Thom Yorke).mp3,Thom Yorke – Skip Divided (Modeselektor Remix).mp3,Bjork – Dull Flame of Desire (Modeselektor ‘For Girls’ Remix).mp3,Modeselektor – Podcast.mp3]

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