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Oct 31, 2008

Jun Seba is a Japanese hip hop producer and DJ and is well known for incorporating strong elements of jazz into his music, sampling from the likes of Miles Davis and Yusef Lateef. Metaphorical Music is hands-down one of my favorite easy listening albums, and features, among other artists, Cise Starr and Substantial. Plus it has some really cool album artwork.

The track Horn in the Middle gives off very lounge-ish vibes with a repetitive, non-lyrical chorus. Unwilling to stagnate, each song brings new stylistic elements to the album. Other notable tracks include Lady Brown and F.I.L.O. which both draw on chill guitar to accent the heavily lyric-based beats.  If I Was You ft. Substantial uses piano in a similar manner to accent the lyrical aspects of the song while also making use of a steady yet funky bassline. The album ends the same way it began, with a very jazzy, non-lyrical track, Peaceland.

While the album is far from what you need to get a party started, it is perfect mood setting music in a calmer environment, perfect for either a dedicated hip-hop lover looking to set a classier mood or anyone looking to simply sit back and chill out.

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