John Mayer – Free Fallin’ (/ˈlo͞osid/ Remix)


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Dec 31, 2014




Ok, so let’s try to break this one down. Tom Petty wrote the classic heartland rocksong:  Free Fallin’ , which was then covered by pretty boy John Mayer. Then, /ˈl o͞ o s i d/ took that cover and remixed it. Still paying attention? Still, when one finally figures out where the song comes from, you actually end up with a pretty great product. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, maybe it’s the extreme use of filtering of Mayer’s vocals, or the trap influences that seem ridiculous on such a song, but something clicks. Check it out, it’ll be the weirdest thing you heard today, but it might be the best. 

/ˈl o͞ o s i d/

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