Nightwaves #009: The Anti-Winter


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Dec 5, 2012
Category: Night Waves

So I’ve been fighting diligently these last few weeks not to wear a winter coat but of late I just had to give in. I pulled out that damn parka and put it on…. Things just didn’t feel right. Bundled up waddling around the icy cold streets with my fellow countrymen. What a depressing sight. Luckily I haven’t had to spend much time outside my place seeing as all I do is go to the library and come home. Oh wait, because I am getting shit on by exams. So sitting at home last night starring blindly at my computer screen I said FUCK THIS, and fired up my decks which have been starting to collect dust lately. I figure that if each one of us is willing to fight back against the icy grasps of winter tearing at our inner warmth maybe, just maybe we can slow down the inevitable.

This is my contribution to that struggle. Nightwaves is back and ladies and gentlemen it is back in style with a little mini-mix from yours truly filled with sea, sex and sun aswell as a few new tracks I just have to share. So whether you are sitting at your computer screen trying to study like me, or getting pushed around by the cold outside, press play and say no to winter.


Let it ride,



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