2010 in Review: The Top 14 Best Dubstep Tracks of 2010


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Over the next seven days, SalaciousSound will publish a series comprised of dozens of articles chronicling the best electronic music that 2010 had to offer, across all genres.

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I hope you all enjoyed and were inspired by electronic music in 2010 as much as I was. It was a special year!

This is the sixth article in the series, and is more or less just a recounting of the dubstep tracks that I listened to and played the most in 2010.

14: Foreigner – Cold As Ice (Specimen A Remix)

Specimen A on Soundcloud

Foreigner - Cold As Ice (Specimen A Remix).mp3

13: Deadmau5 – Sofi Needs A Ladder (At Dawn We Rage Remix)

At Dawn We Rage on Soundcloud

Deadmau5 - Sofi Needs A Ladder (At Dawn We Rage Remix).mp3

12: Breakage Ft Donaeyo – Speechless

Breakage Ft Donaeyo - Speechless.mp3

11: N.E.R.D. and Daft Punk – Hypnotize You (Nero Remix)

N.E.R.D. and Daft Punk - Hypnotize You (Nero Remix).mp3

10: Zeds Dead ft Omar Linx – Out For Blood

Zeds Dead on Soundcloud

Zeds Dead ft Omar Linx - Out For Blood.mp3

9: DJ Sneak – Southern Boy (12th Planet and Flinch Remix)

12th Planet on Soundcloud

DJ Sneak - Southern Boy (12th Planet and Flinch Remix).mp3

8: Doctor P – Sweet Shop

Doctor P - Sweet Shop.mp3

7: Rusko – Hold On Ft. Amber Coffman (12th Planet Remix)

12th Planet on Soundcloud

Rusko - Hold On Ft. Amber Coffman (12th Planet Remix).mp3

6: The Moody Blues – White Satin (Zeds Dead Remix)

Zeds Dead on Soundcloud

The Moody Blues - White Satin (Zeds Dead Remix).mp3

5: Sub Focus – Could This Be Real (Joker Remix)

Sub Focus - Could This Be Real (Joker Remix).mp3

4: Freestylers – Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)

Flux Pavilion on Soundcloud

Freestylers - Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix).mp3

3: Magnetic Man – I Need Air


Magnetic Man on Soundcloud

2: Nero – Innocence (Original Mix)

Nero - Innocence (Original Mix).mp3

1: Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

Skrillex on Soundcloud

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  • alie

    dubstep is dead

  • http://salacioussound.com DJ Cal

    You’re clearly not a golfer.

  • Cashman

    Exactly why I come to Salacious Sound. Great list here(from an american)

  • josh


  • CDubs

    Err, that Magnetic Man song is in no way shape or form dubstep…

  • Coly

    Alie is deaf.

  • Victor

    Sick List. Agreed Alie is Deaf.

  • jose

    Alie is so def

  • no

    no bassnectar, skrillex at #1, and a song that isn’t even really dubstep at #3?

    get a fuckin clue

  • http://salacioussound.com DJ Cal

    @no I think it’s the hardcore hating dubstep purists that need to get a clue. Just because it has vocals and doesn’t go WUBWUBWUBWUBBBBBBBBB doesn’t exclude it from being dubstep. Not only does it have the trademark two step percussion pattern of dubstep, it’s also 140 bpm AND it’s made by one of the most incredible groups making dubstep and D&B right now (perhaps the only collab honestly referred to as a supergroup).

    Bassnectar had a good year, but I just couldn’t fit any on this list. If you feel so strongly, I suggest you make your own list to post on here (which I’ll gladly do btw), and we’ll see which is more popular with my readers.

  • http://www.trashbags.net.au Big Little

    #13 – 10 are fantastic. Great list.

  • Moschie

    Thnx a lot! Very nice, I appreciate the effort.

  • brostep

    whoever says the Magnetic Man song is not dubstep need to get their ears checked.

  • francois lagrange

    YES! Dj cal you know what you’re fucking talking about.

  • dead girl

    dubstep is great. you need to get lives all of you

  • st0rmdr490n

    I can see why someone would say “dubstep is dead,” since most of the DUB influence seems to have been sucked out of it in the last few years and replaced with wobble, and I suppose it doesn’t help that Rusko is making tracks with Britney Spears or Skream is getting his singles played at Old Navy. I wouldn’t say dubstep is dead, but it’s certainly not underground anymore, and it’s not what it used to be.

    That said, I think there are still a lot of innovative dubstep producers out there. Death is a part of evolution. Hip hop and techno had to die to give birth to drum ‘n’ bass, dnb and 2step garage had to die to give birth to dubstep.

    Then again, maybe Alie is just a flavor of the month kind of person. Maybe she was Alie back when that was cool.

  • st0rmdr490n

    Maybe Alie was emo back when that was cool. I shouldn’t talk on the internet at 3:33 am.

  • Recklesss

    Dude thanks for this sick list. I have seen the more recent list to but I liked the videos on this page! I’m new to all this dubstep and wow this sounds amazing! I love it more and more eachday.
    I was wondering if you have a list of songs that are more of the radio popular songs or anytype of up beat (Lilwayne style) rap dub you know. Sorry if you dont consider that real dub but I dig the mixes

  • Sammy

    Whoever says skrillex doesnt belong at #1 obviously hasnt heard the best dubstep. I couldnt think of anybody better to be #1 other than skrillex

  • shiner9er

    oh my god. ive been trying to get into dubstep for months now because my friends all like it. if this is the best of it….this genre needs to be shut down and eliminated entirely

  • In Dub, We Step…

    Ok, i’m going to assume you’re not very perceptive and go easy on you. This list was done a long time ago and hasn’t been updated (correct me if i’m wrong). Many great dubstep songs have come out since then e.g. Scatta-Foreign Beggars/Skrillex, Kill everyone-Skrillex, and Bludgeoned to death-Suicide Silence (Chrispy Remix). These are some of my favourites and hopefully those that see this won’t base their comments on the list above, which is good but needs updating.